The Dystrumpian Almanac

Dystrumpian Almanac

Peninsula Literary is proud to introduce the Dystrumpian Almanac to help you navigate mapv1_IBJthe unfolding Dystrumpia. Created by a group of writers, artists and musicians, the Almanac presents stories, advice, poems, songs, and lots more from survivors of the First Middle Ages. Find out what an actual Apothecary from the Middle Ages says about life without health insurance, enjoy the odes and poetry of Troilus, Journalist Meissa de Pizan’s helpful tips on determining whether or not you are a slave, and historical perspectives from scholar Jacques Louis Menetra. A Living Book Project from Tarweed Accelerator for Writers, in partnership with Peninsula Literary, The Dystrumpian Almanac‘s contributing Editors are Jean Znidarsic and Charlotte Muse.


Spring Reading – March 17, 2017, 7:00 pm


Poet & Fiction Writer – David Denny

Fiction WriterOlga Zilberbourg

With:  Terry Adams, Patrick Daly, Charlotte Muse, & Molly Spencer

Presenting:  Artist Rozanne Hermelyn Di Silvestro

at Gallery House, 320 California Avenue, Palo Alto