July 14 Reading

Tarn Wilson at Peninsula LiteraryOur July 14 reading included a wonderful group of readers with a broad spectrum of styles. The effervescent Tarn Wilson(photograph above), the avian Tracy Guzman, and the amazing Peg Alford Purcell, whose Sausalito reading series – Why There Are Words has expanded to several places throughout the U.S., and Phyllis Cline, who rarely comes out to share her piquant style of poetry. The reading included our own Jean Znidarsic reading from the Dystrumpian Almanac – advice from the past on surviving the new Middle Ages, artist Rose of the Gallery House, and Esther Kamkar, who has written a number of books and has also contributed to the Dystrumpian Almanac. Also present in the gallery were notable local poets Charlotte Muse and Patrick Daly, the curators of the Not Yet Dead Poets monthly Redwood City reading series at the Main Street Gallery. We are very grateful to all of our writers and artists, and all who attended and helped set up and clean up. Without you, Peninsula Literary would just be Carrie and Jean having a glass of wine and talking about writing. Check back shortly for details on our October reading.


Next Reading – July 14, 2017, 7:00 p.m.


Tracy Guzeman, author of The Gravity of Birds

Peg Alford Pursell, author of Show Her A Flower, A Bird, A Shadow

With:  Esther Kamkar, Jean Znidarsic, Tarn Wilson

Presenting:  Artist Rose Hagan

at Gallery House, 320 California Avenue, Palo Alto

The Dystrumpian Almanac

Dystrumpian Almanac

Peninsula Literary is proud to introduce the Dystrumpian Almanac to help you navigate mapv1_IBJthe unfolding Dystrumpia. Created by a group of writers, artists and musicians, the Almanac presents stories, advice, poems, songs, and lots more from survivors of the First Middle Ages. Find out what an actual Apothecary from the Middle Ages says about life without health insurance, enjoy the odes and poetry of Troilus, Journalist Meissa de Pizan’s helpful tips on determining whether or not you are a slave, and historical perspectives from scholar Jacques Louis Menetra. A Living Book Project from Tarweed Accelerator for Writers, in partnership with Peninsula Literary, The Dystrumpian Almanac‘s contributing Editors are Jean Znidarsic and Charlotte Muse.

October 16, 2015 Reading







Art and Refreshments at Peninsula Literary October 16

We had a great audience for the October reading. Featured readers Lori Ostlund and Jennifer Swanton Brown offered compelling readings.



Lori Ostlund led off, introducing several quirky Midwestern characters from her new novel.


Former Cupertino Poet Laureate Jennifer Swanton Brown captivated with poems she had written on demand at an art festival poetry booth.



Guest readers Renee Schell and Phyllis Butler added texture with poetry and non-fiction, and we heard from a new memoir by Dante Drummond.

20151016_203455 (1)


And Artist Dorothy Burston Brown discussed her fascinating process for producing sculpture.




Thank you to all of our October readers, and to all who helped set up, tear down, and all who came to join us! 20151016_195737






Peninsula Literary will be on hiatus after this reading, but we’ll be back in summer/fall of 2016.

We hope to see you then!

Jean Znidarsic and Carrie Hechtman, Peninsula Literary



Jennifer Swanton Brown and Lori Ostlund, October 16

Maura Carta

Maura Carta

An Evening of Poetry and Prose

Friday, October 16, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

at Gallery House, 320 California Ave, Palo Alto

Featuring:  Poet Laureate Jennifer Swanton Brown
 &  Award-Winning Novelist Lori Ostlund
with artist Dorothy Burston Brown
Produced by
Carrie Hechtman and Jean Znidarsic