About Peninsula Literary



Carrie and Jean


Peninsula Literary

Peninsula Literary is Carrie Hechtman and Jean Znidarsic, plus four interns,  many writers and artists and others who have helped in so many ways.

Producing literary events for Silicon Valley audiences since 2008.

Dedicated to fostering community and encouraging writers across a broad spectrum of subjects and styles.

To receive our calls for submissions and reading announcements, please email us at peninsulaliterary@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Trevlyn Williams, Melanie Brandabur, Bart Hechtman, David Znidarsic, Cindy Campbell, Charlotte Muse, and all of the artists at Gallery House. Thank you for making Peninsula Literary possible!

Jean Znidarsic fff_editedJean Znidarsic holds a BS from University of Illinois and a MFA in fiction from San Francisco State University, where she studied the architecture of the novel, and teaching creative writing. She has worked as a journalist, has tutored numerous students in both fiction and essay writing, and is a member of the Bay Area Manuscript Group. As fiction curator of Peninsula Literary in Palo Alto, California, she has been producing literary events for live audiences since 2008. A contributing editor of the Dystrumpian Almanac, she founded Tarweed Accelerator for writers in 2016. She lives in San Francisco where she is writing a novel and a memoir.


Carrie Harper Hechtman

Carrie Harper Hechtman


Carrie Harper Hechtman has been a curator at Peninsula Literary for six years. Her poetry has appeared recently in Juked, Meridian and Denver Quarterly. She received an MFA from the University of San Francisco, and is currently working on a young adult novel.


One thought on “About Peninsula Literary

  1. 10-19-15. Dear Carrie, the reading last Friday was terrific, but I was so sorry to have to leave early (I needed to take my husband John home), and didn’t get a chance to tell you how much I value the work you do. it was wonderful to listen to, and wonderful to see such an enthusiastic audience. All the best, Mary Felstiner

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